June 5, 2020

Ways We Can Solve Law Firms’ Critical Needs

  1. Searching Google and examining Public Records as well as, private information diminishes your Legal teams’ productivity and takes valuable resources away from revenue-generating activities.

Modevity investigative Due Diligence provides the dedicated research resources to reduce search time and allows your professional legal staff to focus on other important aspects of various cases.

Our experienced investigative analysts can search vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently through our powerful database platform.

The investigator research analysts quickly and efficiently access billions of public records in municipal, county, federal and state databases, and private data sources.  Our team can help you quickly locate data about individuals, assets, companies, adverse media, social media, litigation history, criminal records, professional licenses, patents, and more.

  1. Without experienced Investigative Due Diligence research support and powerful database technology, Law Firms are not able to connect large amounts of data and information in meaningful ways.

Our experienced Investigator analysts uncover hidden relationships and connections.      The Modevity team and database platform makes intelligent connections between people, businesses, networks, assets and locations from both public records and proprietary data.

Our extensive Investigative Case Reports provide our client law firms with a complete profile of the search subjects for individuals or entities.  Our research can uncover hidden assets and liabilities, track ownership of assets, discover liabilities, judgements, Federal and Global Sanctions, Pep Lists, liens, bankruptcies, etc.

  1. Ineffective, Out of Date or Missing Critical Information Can Make Tracking Down People Key to Your Case Nearly Impossible.

Our professional Investigative analysts have access to the most recent and comprehensive up to date contact and location information and can uncover duplicate Social Security numbers, aliases, phone numbers, social media, adverse media, etc.    Our comprehensive analysis reports will provide your team with the critical information to track down individuals for a variety of uses, including witnesses, participants, or experts quickly.

  1. Chasing Information on Legal Cases in not A Cost-Effective or Efficient Way to Operate.

Modevity investigative Due Diligence Support Services provides the dedicated research professional resources to reduce the search time, increase the volume of vital data needed and allows you to get critical case information quickly.

Modevity’s professional team can support any Law FIrm of any size to support the firm’s myriad of needs including:

  • Litigation Due Diligence Support
  • Better Understand Risks During Client Intake
  • Research Client’s Ability to Pay for Services
  • Investigate M&A Targets

Author: Tom J. Canova, Co-Founder, CMO Modevity

Contact:  610-251-0700

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June 5, 2020