September 16, 2020

Expose Supply Chain Security Risk

MALVERN, Pa., September 20, 2020 — Modevity, LLC, is a leading Commercial Intelligence company established in 2004, specializing in Investigative Due Diligence research reporting services.  Modevity supports several market segments and organizational use cases including, Legal, M&A Portfolio Management, Supply Chain, Law Enforcement, Executive Due Diligence and KYC/AML.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the downside with respect to outsourcing ‘critical’ products and services internationally by U.S. companies and government agencies.  There are heightened corporate concerns regarding compliance risks and potential data security threats with the supply chain that has outsourced vital manufacturing, products, and services with third parties’ suppliers both domestically and especially foreign-owned companies.

There are equally, troubling deficiencies in supply chains, not only in the vulnerability of supply chains to ‘disruptions’, but also reliance on products and services crucial to our national security.  The risks associated with outsourcing critical products and components to questionable offshore entities, particularly as they relate to national security interests will continue to increase organizational exposure throughout their operations across the board.

“Modevity Investigative Due Diligence Services provide actionable intelligence for risk avoidance in detailed reports that assist companies in assessing their supply chain vendors,” stated Tom J. Canova, Co-Founder, CMO at Modevity.   Canova continued, “Modevity enhanced due diligence services can assist you in protecting your company’s financial position, operations, and reputation going forward!”

The Modevity team of veteran investigator analysts can provide timely and actionable intelligence on your entire supply chain.  Allowing you to make more informed decisions about overall operational quality and effectiveness of your vendor relationships and suppliers.

We offer professional, reliable, confidential, and efficient Due Diligence Research Reporting Services that allow you to avoid risk and make smart decisions.

The Modevity Supply Chain Investigative Due Diligence Research Services include:

  • Company Ownership Analysis on Corporate Entities, Networks, Partners and Executives
  • Reporting and Analysis for Regulatory Compliance and varied Agency Rules & Sanctions Lists – (ITAR, FCPA, BSA, OFAC, FinCEN, CFIUS, BIS, PEP, etc.)
  • Bankruptcy, Litigation, Criminal Reports
  • Company Certifications, Patents
  • Adverse Media & Social Media
  • Scheduled Supplier Risk Due Diligence Research Assessments

Modevity is headquartered in Malvern, PA. Find out more at

Modevity founded in 2004, developed the industry leading ARALOC™ technology solution and a leader in content security and mobile content distribution technology.  Modevity supports a wide range of clients with our Investigative Due Diligence Research Services.                  GSA Schedule – Small Business / Set Aside for Federal Agencies.

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Supply Chain Risk Management

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September 16, 2020