August 13, 2020

MALVERN, Pa., August 13, 2020 — Modevity, LLC, is a leading Commercial Intelligence company established in 2004 and provides Investigative Due Diligence research reporting services.

Modevity continues to expand our Investigative Due Diligence Research case support to Law Firms.  This quarter we have closed Five new Law Firm clients to support their varied criminal, business, and civil legal cases.  Interesting our new Legal clients are headquartered in five different states including – Louisiana, Colorado, North Carolina, New Jersey, and New York.

Our Legal Investigation Due Diligence Research services supports our new client firms’ diverse legal cases in litigation, criminal to business contracts.

Modevity investigative Due Diligence provides the dedicated research resources to reduce search and analysis time and allows your professional legal staff to focus on other important aspects of various cases.

Our experienced investigative analysts can search vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently through our powerful database platforms.  The investigator research analysts quickly and efficiently access billions of public records in municipal, county, federal and state databases, and global private data sources.  Our team can help law firms quickly locate data about individuals, assets, entities, adverse media, social media, litigation history, criminal records, professional licenses, patents, and more.

“Our skilled Investigator analysts can uncover concealed relationships, connections, and networks. Modevity’s extensive Investigative Case Reports provide our client law firms with a complete profile of the search subjects for individuals or entities, stated Tom J. Canova, Co-Founder, CMO Modevity.  “Additionally, our due diligence research can uncover hidden assets and liabilities, track ownership, discover liabilities, judgements, Federal and Global Sanctions, Pep Lists, liens, bankruptcies, etc.,” Canova continued.

Modevity investigative Due Diligence Support Services provides the dedicated professional research resources to reduce the search time, increase the volume of vital data needed, analyze and compile a comprehensive detailed custom research report to get you the critical case information quickly.

Modevity provides professional Investigative Due Diligence Research services and supports several market segments and organizational use cases including, Legal, M&A Portfolio Management, Law Enforcement, Supply Chain, Executive Due Diligence and KYC.

Modevity is headquartered in Malvern, PA. Find out more at

Modevity founded in 2004, developed the industry leading ARALOC™ technology solution for content security and mobile content distribution technology.  Modevity supports a wide range of clients with our Investigative Due Diligence Research Services.  GSA Schedule – Small Business / Set Aside for Federal Agencies.

Media Relations Contact Information:
Thomas J. Canova
Co-Founder, CMO
Modevity, LLC  610-251-0700

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August 13, 2020