Litigation Support

Whether you are considering a lawsuit, or need to defend against a lawsuit, or are a Law firm supporting a client in litigation, Modevity litigation support can assist. Uncovering information relevant to your litigation can be like searching for a needle in a stack of slightly different needles. 

Modevity litigation support can help your legal team through its  legal cases by verifying or refuting basic information, credentials, accomplishments, connections, affiliations, business reputation, involvement in prior litigation, and more.

Other litigation support services provide you with print outs from second tier databases rather than a report created by experienced investigators. That leaves you at high risk of missing details and / or wasting time on false positives. Don’t leave the future of your litigation to cheap a’ la carte background check services. Reach out today and let Modevity give you the facts you need to make good decisions.

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Our Litigation Outsource Support Services Include:

  • Identify Social Media and corporate connections to uncover a subjects network.
  • Verify the major assets like homes, cars, planes and boats.

  • Company and Individual Reports Including:
      • Adverse Media
      • Social Media Analysis
      • PEP & Sanctions 
      • And More…
  • Verify expert witness credentials.

  • Verify elements of testimony 

  • Locate relevant open source information which will be helpful to your legal team.

  • Access nationwide data sources that may challenge stated litigant facts.

  • Research social media sites to obtain available information.

  • Dismantle information and embellishments provided in depositions.