Legal Due Diligence Research Support

Legal Due Diligence Research Support

Whether you are initiating a client lawsuit,  need to defend a client against a lawsuit, or other varied legal cases: Modevity can assist. Our Investigative Due Diligence Research services can help your team through its legal cases, client acquisitions, business/partnership agreements, and client risk management program initiatives.

Modevity can bring global database technology and open source analysis to gather, analyze, and collate public commercial data on any given subject. Modevity Enhanced Due Diligence Research provides our client organizations with an extensive data analysis for identifying concealed or unknown assets, social networks, complex corporate networks, adverse media, biogeographical information, and more. Reports are put together by professionals experienced in navigating international business operations, including layers of offshore-holdings, extensive corporate structures, complex networks, global sanctions, and complex legal cases.

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Our Litigation Outsource Support Services Include:

  • Validate Testimony and Depositions.
  • Harness the ‘Top Tier’ of Database Technologies.

  • Company and Individual Reports Including:
      • Adverse Media
      • Social Media Analysis
      • PEP & Sanctions 
      • And More…
  • Identify Bankruptcies, Lawsuits, Liens.

  • Reduce Internal Staff Workload.

  • Increase Investigative Due Diligence Capacity.

  • Harness the ‘Top Tier’ of Database Technologies.

  • Identify Adverse Media & Social Media.

  • Navigate Layers of Corporate Networks.