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Modevity can quickly augment your Law Enforcement Due Diligence and Department resources to circumvent the long hiring/training process & the bureaucratic procurement procedures of City, State and Federal Law Enforcement resources.

Why You May Need This

We provide our client organizations with a thorough, search analysis for identifying concealed or unknown assets, social networks, corporate networks, adverse media, biographical information and more. Reports are put together by professionals experienced in navigating international business operations, including layers of offshore-holdings, complex corporate structures, global sanctions, and money laundering activities.

Modevity Offers…

  • More accurate data
  • Increased overall effectiveness of company compliance risk management programs

Our Law Enforcement Due Diligence services Include

Major Assets

Navigate layers of corporate structures and corporate holdings to identify U.S.

Media & Sanctions

Identify adverse media, sanctions & PEPs as well as biographical information and more.

Corporate & Social Connections

Identify Social media and corporate connections to uncover a subject’s network.

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Uncover Assets

Criminal activity particularly those involved in financial crimes, often use major assets to hide gains from illicit activity. Modevity can help your department uncover such assets and save you time in the process.

Open Source Data Analysis

Our Analysts have years of experience performing open source analysis for high level clients, including military and federal law enforcement.

Augment Your Workforce

Modevity can quickly augment your law enforcement resources and bring you our proprietary, enterprise databases and open source analysis to gather, analyze, and collate publicly and commercially available.

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