Executive Background
Due Diligence

Executive Background

In this corporate environment of increasing scrutiny of executives and boards of directors, it has become more important than ever to get a complete picture of executive candidates. Extensive background due diligence of Board candidates is also vital. Obtaining a  thorough and accurate background check of executive candidates is just the start of what has become an essential requirement to help a company‚Äôs corporate governance and protect its Board of Directors from legal, financial, and reputational risk.

Modevity specializes in Executive Due Diligence; we look at the profile of candidates and provide a complete due diligence report on each candidate. These reports include, Social media analysis, Corporate network analysis, biographical, financial, legal records and more.  Modevity works with clients, from initial assessment to project case conclusion. Reports are put together by professionals experienced in navigating complex investigations and utilizing top tier enterprise databases. But Modevity is more than a group of well experienced open source and database investigators, it is an organization that is constantly refining its services to give our clients the best value. 

Other background check services provide you with print outs from second tier databases rather than report made by experienced investigators. That leaves you at high risk of missing details and false positives. Don’t leave your companies future to cheap a’ la carte background check services. Reach out today and let Modevity give you the facts you need to make the right decision.

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