Third-Party Vendor Risk Management is a Crucial Component of any Healthcare Organization’s Compliance & Risk Management Program

Vendor Risk Management as a Service Hospital networks and healthcare providers are becoming more scrutinized than ever by government regulators about how organizations manage and evaluate Third-Party Risks of the vendors, suppliers, and contractors in their supply chain. Understanding how these regulations connect to third-party vendor risk is paramount to ensuring compliance, but also recognizing … Read more

The Increasing Cybersecurity Challenges for 2023

As we begin 2023, this year will be remembered as the year when cybersecurity strategies and procedures against escalating cyber threats becomes ever more challenging. No longer are organizations scrambling to stabilize their operations amid the disruption caused by the impact of the pandemic, but for all this talk of the “new normal,” the world … Read more

The Essentials of Third-Party Vendor / Supplier Management Programs

Vendor Risk Management (VRM), Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), and Supplier Risk Management (SRM) are programs that companies employ to assess their relationships with third parties or suppliers for potential risk. The most common types of risk a company will want to evaluate for are regulatory, operational, financial and reputational. The purpose and function of VRM, TPRM and SRM are similar: the core process is to identify, assess, monitor and mitigate risk. The slight variations between each program depend on your company’s … Read more

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