Generative AI Will Become a Powerful Tool to Support Data Analysts

Data analysis may seem like a technical role on a surface level, but the reality of the job is nuanced and vital to most business and technical operations. The analysis process involves more than crunching numbers; it requires an understanding of the human elements behind the data.  Whether it’s analyzing customer behavior or detecting fraudulent … Read more

Modevity Signs a National Auto Finance Company to Support their Third-Party Vendor Risk Management Compliance Program

Vendor Risk Management as a Service West Chester, PA   February 28, 2023  Modevity, LLC, a leading Commercial Intelligence company established in 2004 specializing in Investigative Due Diligence Research and Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Services, announced today that the company signed a contract to support a US based Auto Finance Company with their Third-Party Vendor Risk … Read more

The US Treasury Issues Final Rule Outlining ‘Beneficial Ownership’ Reporting Requirements

The US Treasury Department’s anti-money laundering unit recently issued a final rule that reveals which types of legal entities will be required to report information on their true, or “beneficial” ownership to Treasury The final rule is an attempt by the US government to lift the veil of anonymity offered by shell companies that has … Read more

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