Modevity Investigative Due Diligence Research Reporting Services

Modevity, LLC, founded in 2004 and headquartered in West Chester, PA, is a trusted provider of comprehensive Investigative Due Diligence Research Reporting Services that helps organizations make informed business decisions, and manage risks, across multiple organizational use cases and market segments. With our in-depth due diligence research, advanced technology platforms, and experienced data investigators, we … Read more

The US Treasury Issues Final Rule Outlining ‘Beneficial Ownership’ Reporting Requirements

The US Treasury Department’s anti-money laundering unit recently issued a final rule that reveals which types of legal entities will be required to report information on their true, or “beneficial” ownership to Treasury The final rule is an attempt by the US government to lift the veil of anonymity offered by shell companies that has … Read more

Third-Party Vendor Risk Management for Captive Insurance Companies

Third-Party Vendor Risk Management (VRM) and KYC should be a critical component of any Captive Insurance Company’s overall risk management program. Captive insurers rely heavily on vendors for various functions, including technology solutions, actuarial services, and claims processing, etc. So, it is critical for those Captive Insurance companies to manage their third-party vendor risks to … Read more

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