Modevity Background Check Services

Modevity Background Check Services

Background Check Services


Background Check Services

Background check companies verify critical information like identity, criminal activity, employment and education history, professional licenses, and motor vehicle records.

Why You May Need This

At Modevity, we recognize first and foremost that it is imperative to provide the most accurate and detailed background data available for any targeted search assignment, since there are critical employment decisions that are based on the accuracy of these background search reports.

By selecting Modevity, you can be confident that we will get it right every time and deliver the most accurate background screening data available and consistently deliver first-class customer service.

Modevity Provides End-To-End Background Check Outsource Services.

No need to implement additional Employment Background Check software in your department or provide staff resource support.

Background check Services

Solutions & Focus Areas

Modevity offers flexible, tailored employment background screening services to meet your HR hiring needs.

Criminal Background Checks

Establishing whether an employee has a criminal record is a crucial step in assessing the risk of bringing that person into your organization.

Identity Checks

Critical information that allows you to be more confident about who you are hiring and whether your applicant is being honest with the most basic of personal information.


Verification services, which include checking employment histories, educational degrees, and professional licenses, can help employers ensure that applicants have the qualifications and backgrounds you require for an open position.

Credit Checks

Manage risk by taking a deeper look into your candidate’s credit report and financial history. Reviewing your candidate’s credit history provides insight into a candidate’s integrity and responsibility toward his or her financial obligations.

Driving Records (MVR) Checks

Get insight into a candidate’s driving history, including license status, DUIs, and moving violations with motor vehicle records. Important for positions where employees, volunteers, or contractors will operate motor vehicles.

Executive Due Diligence Services

Modevity Executive Due Diligence Services is designed especially for organizations that require a more extensive background due diligence on certain individuals slated for high-profile or high-risk positions.

Monitoring Services

After spending the time to screen and identify the most suitable candidates, having a program in place that helps mitigate ‘Post-Hire Risk’ like negligent retention, safety of employees & customers, and brand protection, can be as important as the original hiring decision.

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Leading Technology in the Industry

We have implemented Thomson Reuters CLEAR, a cutting-edge investigative platform and other database technologies and open source tools that enable us to quickly obtain a complete accurate profile of all individual search targets. With utilization of several cutting-edge data platforms, our analysts can access billions of data points of public and private data with a scalable automated process and powerful background profile screening reports.

Powerful, Accurate and Detailed Data

Modevity’s background due diligence expertise, verification procedures, and powerful reports provide our client organizations with the peace of mind that they are working with thorough, meaningful results. Our methodologies reflect a strict adherence to industry recognized standards.

Fast Turnaround Response

To help clients make decisions quickly, we deliver quality-checked real-time reports as they are available, accelerate communications, and provide a dedicated point of contact to support all your organizational needs.

We understand Compliance Risk

Our Investigative Due Diligence research services and expertise support our clients Compliance Risk mitigation programs and initiatives. Modevity's Background Check Services can assist you in supporting your HR hiring needs, as well as compliance and regulatory requirements and protecting your company’s financial position, operations, and reputation going forward.

Trusted partner since 2004.

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